Race Report: Louis Smit – Spartan Sprint [Golden Harvest]

The first Spartan event of 2019 has come and gone and to be honest I am pleasantly surprized due to what happened last year. This time round everything was just great the race was well organized, amazing obstacles, great water points and great marshalling. The standard and quality of obstacles were exceptional plus the carries were tough but not crazy and this made for the perfect balance for a proper race and I enjoyed every single moment of this race.

Well I started fast or rather that is was everyone thought as I was in the lead from obstacle one, but the honest truth is that I wasn’t firing on all cylinders, I wanted to stretch the legs sure but the goal wasn’t to lead things out but that’s how it worked out and I guess it cost me in the end. 

The first part of the race involved a lot of jumping obstacles, some big walls and some more speed bumps, the first carry was the sand bag and pretty much after that all the technical obstacles was stacked the one after the other.

The real race only started at the back end of the race, I had a 10 second lead heading into some really technical terrain the only obstacles remaining was the bucket, spear throw and the multi rig. 

Bradley Claase was behind me for most of the race and just caught me in the final technical climb, he tried to make a gap on me with the bucket and succeeded, trying to close I came in right behind him at the spear throw but unfortunately I couldn’t stick it and was demoted to second by 30 burpees, luckily we gapped the rest of the field so much that the 3rd guy still finished 3min behind me.

Really impressed with Spartan South Africa this year, what a clean race, quality obstacles and just great vibe, I will definitely be back for some more Spartan action. Thanks to my sponsors for giving me this opportunity it was a great event. Next up Australian Enduro World Championships…

Nevarest Team, Toyota SA, First Ascent, Keyhealth Medical Scheme


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