Race Report: Louis Smit – GI Joe Extreme Adventures [Commander Challenge]

The first race of the GI Joe series this year was great fun even though just using it as a tempo training run. This race was all about the main event the Commander challenge as usual the first obstacle was a water obstacle which got the feet wet from the start, I felt great and was soon cruising at about 3;40/km pace just making a gap so I can control the race from there.

The course was very well marked and I enjoyed the trail so much saw some ostriches, zebras and a few other animals here and there. Things were going smoothly and obstacles were hard but doable and that’s something I love about this event, plus on a sharp downhill I fell so hard into a tree, but on the bright side if the tree wasn’t there I would have been in the river haha

The awesome obstacles were at the end of the race and I was really looking forward to the zip line as well as the kayak obstacle, not many if any OCR events have this much variety in their obstacles. I also was way more relaxed and just managing the pace comfortably. As I kayaked around the island I was just shouting at everyone how cool and fun this was, even though I was still racing, so enjoyable…

In the end it was a comfortable win. Thanks to my sponsors Keyhealth Nevarest Team, Toyota, First Ascent and High 5 for this great opportunity.





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