Race Report: Louis Smit – GI Joe 2 – Commander Challenge

The second race of the GI Joe series this year was great fun even though just using it as another training run. This race was all about the main event the Commander challenge, as usual, the first obstacle was a water obstacle which got the feet wet from the start, I felt great and was soon cruising at about 3;40/km pace just cruising along the course…

The course was very well marked and I enjoyed the trail didn’t see as many wild animals as usual but the vegetation was lush and green for a change. Things were going smoothly and obstacles were hard but doable and that’s something I love about this event, didn’t make any mistakes apart from having to do a balance obstacle twice.

The awesome obstacles were at the end of the race even though there were no zip line or kayak this time, but I was pleasantly surprised with a really tough last obstacle. I also was way more relaxed and just managing the pace comfortably and ticking the obstacles down till I finished with a really comfortable lead, hopefully, I get a strong challenge in the future…


In the end, it was a comfortable win. Thanks to my sponsors Keyhealth Nevarest Team, Toyota, First Ascent and High 5 for this great opportunity.





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