Race Report: Calen Hastie – Warrior 8

Warrior 8 was the event of the year! A tough race with a super tough field of runners. Riversands is a fairly flat run with some of the most intense obstacles.
The mud monster was a real challenger in this race. I raced hard and managed to take the 5th place behind some of the other top guys. Congrats to Jaco Lourens for securing the win.
I am very proud to yet again take a place in the top three series standings after completing my third year of commando elite. But I am finally happy to close the chapter on Commando and to finally move up to Black ops elite, with its bigger and greater challenges.  It takes a greater challenge to make an athlete rise to the occasion. 
Thank you to all our sponsors for this year and your dedication to our team. Thank you to the team for really pulling together and always performing at your best. I look forward to our next year together.
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