Race Report: Alec Avierinos – Warrior #3

I prepared for the worst possible weather but unfortunately, it cleared and I ended up with sunburn!

While it was a little cold and wet early on it did not last, the venue is awesome for OCR with awesome trails and some nice elevation gain. I started out at a slow relaxed pace and all was well until we hit the first real obstacle hanging grips, simple you would think but first there were plenty people queued up already then I picked the slow queue, then the reach was on the big side, wet grips slip off wack my head on the launch pole, see stars, regroup, get in the queue, fall off again, land hard, get in the queue, try again get through easy runoff. Meanwhile, Andrew Martin got through no problems on his first attempt after picking a faster queue. So I chased hard ran well had no issues with any other obstacles but could not close the gap in time. So came in 27th overall and 2nd Old man 50+. Was nice to be able to put the hammer down and run hard again and it was lots of fun, pity about stuffing up my first attempt and second! But that’s racing, now to focus on final prep for OCRWC Enduro.

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