Race Report: Alec Avierinos – Spartan Sprint

What a great race, where would one start?

Registration process was so simple, quick and painless.

Course, the terrain was utilized to its potential, location could not be more central, well-marked,

Obstacles, polished although fairly easy they need to be done at speed which is what a race is all about.

Hoist, either it was lighter than international videos I have watched or the international elites are good at making it look harder / heavier.

Sled drag should have been longer.

I like how the obstacle standardization globally creates a level playing field when we (global OCR athletes ) get together to compete together at world championship events.

Timing, wow, mats, splits, PC query immediate. Well done!

6km is on the short side for me, I really need to spend way more time warming up for these short events. I could have run faster, Strava tells me I was loafing! Strava does not lie ( most times ). The obstacles are moderately challenging and designed to slow you down not stop you in your tracks. I love the fact that the Atlas stone, sled drag, bucket carry, rope climb, Hoist are included in the Sprint distance. They are also exactly the same for Elite and age group alike nothing is watered down. In other words the Sprint is not a beginners watered down event, the elites just do it all faster than the rest of us. This also means you can see how far off the pace you are as everyone does the same race!

The terrain was well utilized, so what slowed me down, the really high wall 3rd attempt I managed to get my fingers over and that is all I needed, the barbed wire crawl was really low and I was really slow! The one rocky climb hooked up the back of my shoe and pulled it off so I had to stop undo the laces and put it back on, tie the laces which was a pity and then the Spear throw, well I missed the target, pulled it left and so began 30 burpees 50m from the finish line. Andrew had caught up with me and stuck his spear. I could only watch him run off to the rings and the finish line while I did burpees.

So to ensure a win you either need a 30+ burpee  time margin on your competitor, or learn how to throw a spear under pressure.

I can highly recommend the Spartan race, excellent quality finisher shirt, stunning medals, and jacked timing system. Looking forward to the Trifecta were I will get to race three progressively longer / harder events over two days in August and who knows perhaps qualify for Greece?

Keep up your training, see you out there soon.

Best regards the Old Man



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