Race Report #21 for 2015

KeyHealth Moon Chaser
The Big Red Barn hosted the 4th KeyHealth Moonchaser Night Trail Run Series on the 22 October 2015. The conditions were perfect with an earlier rain storm that settled all the dust. With a field of over 300 trail runners, the Nevarest Team athletes did exceptionally well.
In the 5km trail run, Kirsten achieved a 1st place in the female race and Joshua a 2nd place in the men’s race.
In the 10km trail run, Tumi Matlou achieved a 1st place and Marzelle van der Merwe a 2nd place in the female race. In the men’s race, Calen finished in a nail biting 2nd place, only 5 seconds behind the winner.



Kinetic Full Moon
Race report from Marzelle van der Merwe.

“On Saturday the 24th of October at 12:00 I set out on an adventure with three incredible team members!10402003_638400409635046_4193144185051073540_n The Kinetic Full Moon adventure race was a testing one. The race started with a sprint up a hill to our first check point. Within the first few steps I could sense that the heat of the day would cause some strain further down the line! Our first leg consisted of a 9,5km trail run/hike, we were holding a fast pace managing to stay in the lead for the first few kilometers. After about 5km we fell slightly back. Being a trail runner I felt very strong on all the running legs, but I knew my biggest challenge would be on the paddle.

To say I was dreading it would be an understatement… Luckily I had PJ share a kayak with me, but not even his strength could make up for my “noodle arms”. Unfortunately, I think we lost a lot of time to the first team and first mixed team on the 11km kayak leg. The only person to blame would be myself! But so we learn and I will only know to get stronger in my upper body for future races! After the kayak I was very happy to be on my feet, heading back to the transition point to “stuff” some loaded calories in before we jumped on our bikes.

11221461_1647546068844491_398709401252748079_n 12065953_638299342978486_6371181355540131655_n
Being the lady of the team, it was expected that I should be towed for most of the way. Not having cycled more than twice in about 3 years, I was pretty nervous having to be in such close proximity to Malcolm who would be towing me, I kept seeing images of me flying across the road… a typical Tour De France scene due to clipping his back wheel! Regardless I kept my worries to myself (on the first cycle leg). I was frustrated and anxious the whole way due to this. To add to my worries we were joined by a seriously strong cross wind about halfway through this leg! Luckily it was over soon and I was back to my happy place…

image1Running and kloofing! We started on this leg a few minutes too late and ended up coming down the kloof in complete darkness! Our situation made it difficult for us to catch the team in front of us as they still had the ends of daylight to guide them down the mountain! Back to the bike… At this point I had a bit of a princess moment! I’d never cycled in darkness prior to that moment. I’ll admit to saying I was scared, something I don’t often admit to! Malcolm towed me for about 2km until I decided NO MORE… But I couldn’t slow the team down due to my stubborn behavior! I gave that last cycle leg my absolute all… And I loved every second!

With all the adrenaline pumping, by the time we were done I was ready to do it all over again! But once the effects of 100km had settled in I was pretty happy to be in bed! Adventure Racing, like most things, has its fair share of ups and downs! But it’s totally worth it, there’s nothing greater than being in-touch with the outdoors for a solid 10 hours! I know the mental toughness that Adventure Racing will instill in me will help me with my trail running and probably other aspects of reality too! Even though the name “adventure racing” hints that one should “race” the whole thing, the sport is for everyone no matter how fast or slow you go! All you need is a calling to be adventurous and a mind that will keep pushing you in the tough moments!”

PJ’s Race Report – READ



KeyHealth Neon Night MTB Race (4 Nov 2015)
Rosemary Hill was the venue for another great night race, this time round on Mountain Bikes. Malcolm Dunkeld represented the Nevarest Team at the race and impressively came home with a 1st place in the 31km MTB race in 01:21:42.

BattleRush Night Lights Obstacle Race (7 Nov 2015)
Greg participated in the 8.5km obstacle race held at Jozi X Adventure Centre for preparation for the final Warrior Race later this month. He conquered all 25 obstacles and finished in 1st place with Marius Smith in 2nd and Adriaan Cronje in 3rd. 12191269_732282740249748_3138769295631650865_o

After the race he then decided to take on the Peg board and is the only person to have finished it so far.

peg board

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