Race Report #20 for 2015

It was an exciting few weeks for OCR internationally with the world championships taking place in the USA. Greg decided to grab the opportunity and participate in 3 OCR events while he was in the USA.

He would like to thank GROHE for making the trip possible and letting him fly over, and The Warrior Race for helping to cover most of his living expenses.

So his adventure began with the following…

Spartan Race World Championships 201512109026_882648848472647_346124078753119796_n
Nevarest Team’s, Greg Avierinos competed in the Spartan Race held at the ski resort of Lake Tahoe, sitting at 6.200ft. It was a cold early start for the athletes having to climb 1500m in the first 12km and then back down again. The 24km course with 36 obstacles was very different to the races here in South Africa, and the actual obstacles were very easy in comparison. The elevation, cold weather and the swim in 5°C water was a new challenge, and so Greg finished in a time of 3:13:00 in 61st position. Greg’s Race Report: READ NOW 

Warrior Dash World Champs 2015
Nevarest Team’s, Greg Avierinos competed in the Warrior Dash held at Milky Way farm in Pulaski, Tennessee on the 9th October 2015. It was a short 6.4km course but with 250m of climbing and the top Olympian and Steeple chase athletes taking part, made for a very fast race. Greg’s Race Report: READ NOW

OCR World Championships 2015
Top athletes from all over the world (twenty-two countries) participated in the OCR World Championships which took place at King’s Domain nature preserve in Oregonia, Ohio, from the 17-18 October 2015. The weather was extremely cold and the race started with a temperature of 0°C.

Nevarest Team’s, Greg Avierinos proudly represented South Africa and competed in the Age Group event on Saturday and achieved an impressive podium position, placing 2nd in the 19-24 age group in a time of 1:49:03. On Sunday he competed in the Team Event with Thomas van Tonder and Claude Eksteen where they finished in 5th place.

Nevarest Team’s, Michelle Meyer also competed in the Age Group event on Saturday. She achieved a podium position in the 19-24 age group with her 3rd place in a time of 02:36:47. On Sunday she competed in the Team Event with Jetaime Ribbink and Freya Martin (UK Athlete) as South Africa’s B Team and they finished in 4th place.

12107091_871044646324161_309104351720878329_n 12105936_1658276604449819_2111566176137840470_n

12079643_887913614612837_1766685887391276405_n 12079449_871044562990836_5358686140699800923_n

Michelle’s Report: “The canon sent us off and I started the fastest I have ever run out of the starting arch hoping I will not regret it later…

Starting with another division had me unsure of who I should be chasing down, but I felt strong and fast all through the first kilometers of the race, where I usually struggle to get myself going!

The hills were brutal, climbing hands and feet at some places and doing bum-slides on some steep descents! Previous talk of the steep ups and downs…and up and down…and up and down… had me laughing at points thinking this is how I imagined myself crawling and sliding through the hills! 12140818_871376239624335_593813946717711045_n

I tried to keep track of who I started with but with some technical obstacles like down-and-up monkey bars and the platinum rig early in the race had me hoping I kept up with the leading girls as I managed them all fluently with my first attempt. The rest of the race I tried to keep myself moving as fast as my legs could go after dipping through cold water and running through the river. Fortunate not to have started cramping at any point but feeling how hard I was pushing my legs to go…

I came up to the big slide knowing that it was taking me down to the last obstacles of the race – I couldn’t wait to take on skull-valley as I was looking forward to it since I saw it in OCR Warrior Best of the Best! Passing over the 50th-something obstacle – warped wall – quarter pipe right at the finish line was such a satisfying feeling!  With even better news as I heard I managed to take 3rd place for the 18-24 division – I couldn’t be more stoked with my result!”



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