Race Report #17 for 2015


This past weekend saw the team head down to the Vaal Dam for the Kinetic Full Moon 138km Adventure. The distances for each discipline of the race was 98 km of mountain biking, 26 km of trekking/trail running and 16 km of kayaking.

We entered 2 Teams.
A) Team KeyHealth: Greg, Ruth, Andre and Jaco
B) Team KeyHealth Platinum: Alec, PJ, Leanne, Wiehan

The youngsters were off like a shot, and after the first run they were hot on the heels of Cyanosis and Jabberwock who were leading the race. Once we (Keyhealth Platinum) started the cycle they were 11938011_933749736671988_4604017371018577385_n10 minutes ahead of us (4th). Unfortunately they cycled past CP 10, only realizing this 4.5km down the road, so they came back past us going back to get it. This was a bad mistake as it meant doing most of the following hike in the dark.

PJ navigated flawlessly and my team mates helped me out towing me on the bike and taking my pack on the runs due to an injured knee from last weeks Warrior Race.


Thank you to my team mates for a great race and great results. Congratulations to Jabberwock on winning and Cyanosis in second. Once again a special thanks goes out to all our sponsors – without you this would not be possible.



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