Michelle Meyer – Impi Challenge: Cape Town 9 April

I officially agree with the saying that; you haven’t done a real Impi Challenge and Festival until you’ve done a Cape Town Impi.
What a beautiful race to take part in…!
It was a big elite batch lining up at the start line, ready to sprint out of the pen before heading up into the mountains on the first segment of single track. The route was very well marked, never did I question if I was still on the right track. The weather was also kind in comparison to the day before!
What stood out in this race, besides the magnificent views from start to finish, was the brick carry which was… painfully memorable…! People taking their dogs on a walk into the trails with the OCR athletes taking their bricks for a walk !!
This Impi was a very good combination of tough running and challenging obstacles. Crawling, grip lines, monkey bars, nets, you name it! We had an obstacle that was new to the scene; the memory challenge where you get a number at the bottom of a hill to run up and memorize the combination of numbers and letters that correspond to your allocated number.If you got it wrong, you had to run back up and try again!
We also got to go for a swim, always fun to kick and get nowhere with Inov-8’s on…! They are wonderful for the trails, mud, rocks and rope climbs but trying to ‘doggy paddle’ with shoes on was designed to ensure your calves cramp at least once during the race if they haven’t started yet…!
It is always such a privilege to line up with amazing athletes and be able to enjoy ourselves running and climbing under and over just about anything! Well done to everyone who went out to take on this challenge.
Thank you to KeyHealth Nevarest Team for making the trip down to CPT possible…!
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