Introducing Team KeyHealth Nevarest – Expedition Africa Rodrigues

Starting tomorrow at 11:00 (13:00 local island time) the team will tackle the monumental Expedition Africa Rodrigues. With a total distance of 331km (providing you don’t get lost) and an expected winning time of 64h 55min the team will navigate the small island and surrounding islands by boat (either paddling or sailing), mountain biking and Trekking (either running or swimming).

You can imagine that this being a volcanic based island that not much is going to be flat and most of the hills are properly steep! Kinetic Events Africa have worked some sightseeing into the race where the team will go meet some of the islands oldest Tortoises, explore the caves and try to avoid the massive spiders and centipedes that roam the islands.

About the team:

Michael Joubert • Team Capitan • Mechanical Engineer • 27
This is his 2nd Expedition Adventure Race with multiple 24 and 48hour races under his belt. He’s known to happily take team member’s gear and during the race is like a dog chasing its ball.

Jonathan Ham • Navigator • Veterinary student • 21
This is his first Expedition Adventure Race with his longest race so far being the 30hour earlier this year. He’s a keen Sailor which will play a big role in this year’s race and is the youngest member of the team. He’s still building up his Nav experience but is excited for the challenge!

Jacques Buys • Pack Horse • Engineering Honours Student • 24
He’s a long-distance trail runner by trade and a newly introduce Adventure Racer with his first long adventure race towards the end of last year he currently hasn’t raced longer than 24hours. He’s super strong and happy to take some weight out of his team members packs and is excited about the fact that this race might involve more sailing than paddling.

Emily Clarke • Team Motivator • Speach Therapist • 26
Emily has some past experience with long Adventure Races having done an Expedition race and multiple 30+ hour races. She is strong-willed and has a never say die attitude, and don’t be surprised if you see her towing the guys!

As far as we know this is the youngest team to tackle this year’s race with a cumulative age of only 98! They are excited about the challenge and to see if they have what it take to hold it out against some of the world’s top teams!

Follow the team live from Sunday at – – and through our various Social Media platforms. See our stories for more behind the scenes action.

Finally a huge thank you to our sponsors, without which going to this event wouldn’t have been possible! KeyHealth Medical SchemeToyota SAFIRST ASCENTHIGH5 Sports Nutrition#teamkeyhealthnevarest#visitrodrigues #expafricarodrigues #expafrica2019