Gear Review: TomTom Adventurer GPS Watch – Brian Gardner

I recently took delivery of the brand new TomTom Adventurer GPS watch, and what a beauty it is! For years I have been using a GPS watch with separate GPS pod, and, like most old watches, separate Heart Rate (HR) belt too… It was long overdue for an upgrade!

The new TomTom Adventurer is an all in one! No need to search for an external HR belt or GPS pod anymore, just get up and go!
For day-to-day use, the TomTom Adventurer will give you all-day activity tracking, showing the number of steps you have done per day, and calories burnt. When starting an activity, the GPS signal is locked and ready to go within 5-10 seconds, which is excellent.


What I like about the watch is the multiple activity modes, with normal running, cycling, hiking, trail running, indoor cycling or running, swimming and gym. As an Adventure Racer, I would have loved to see a kayaking/canoeing mode too, so hopefully, that will come in the next version, as I don’t see us South Africans making much use of the snowboarding mode!

The four-way button is very easy to use, the menu selection options are intuitive and makes it easy to change the data view mid-workout without any hassle. One aspect I am really looking forward to is the “route exploration mode” which enables you to upload GPX routes to the watch (via the TomTom Web App), and then follow the route on your watch. Really great for hiking routes and other popular trail runs so you don’t get lost!

Another nice feature (if you into music while you train, which I’m not really), is the integrated music listening, using wireless headphones. You can upload all your tunes via the TomTom web App, so no need to carry your cell phone for music while you run.
So far I have found the battery life to be quite short on high-intensity activities, but it is much longer on hiking mode and of course, will last days on normal watch mode.

Overall I have found the watch very comfortable to wear, more than enough data to keep any actuary happy, and an awesome phone App with plenty of interesting workout analysis.
Many GPS watches these days cost an arm and leg, and who uses all those technical analytical graphs and stuff anyway? The TomTom Adventurer gives you everything you need, and more, for a very reasonable price.

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