Defending his World Title

On top of the World

The defending World Champion, Alec Avierinos, has been putting in some very hard and focused training over the past few months, and now the time has finally arrived for him to pack his bags and head to Australia for the 2019 Obstacle Course Racing Enduro World Championships in New South Wales.

On Saturday, June 8th, in a bid to defend his age group World Title, Alec will spend 24 hours running around a marked course of 10km completing 33 obstacles each time. These obstacles are designed to test your endurance and will be a combination of; carries, crawls, mud, monkey bars, rings, rope climbing and natural terrain based obstacles.
Here are some highlights from last year’s OCR Enduro World Enduro Championships. –

To achieve his World Title last year, Alec ran 11 laps (130 kilometers) and cleared 330 obstacles. This year he aims to better this.

“The ultimate goal would be 14 laps. But that is a real stretch goal, given that equates to 100 miles of obstacle course racing, or two times Comrades Ultra Marathon. It’s a tall order, but let’s see.”
Alec has been thrilled with his training efforts over the past few months; he’s dropped weight, gained strength, and is feeling very fresh considering the hard work he’s put in.
“I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in years.”
He has put this down to monitoring his recovery, diet and training patterns closely, pushing hard when he can, and resting when he needs to.

“I am now looking forward to reuniting with my OCR family from around the world.”
Alec wants to take the opportunity to thank his support network on his journey to the big competition next week because, without the help around him, his task wouldn’t be nearly as smooth or enjoyable!

He wants to credit a special thank you to KeyHealth, First Ascent and Toyota who made the trip possible. In addition, and just as importantly, this journey would not be nearly as possible without; his son Greg Avierinos and his superb Jokes Aside gym, where Alec has spent countless hours training. Sports Massage therapist Kristin Jurgen of Mayo Wellness & Fitness has made sure his muscles have been feeling in tip-top shape. And Altie Clark of Coro Recovery has kept things fresh with her ice bath and chamber recovery treatment. Thank you all!


“The best Global OCR athletes on the day will grace the podiums. So now its time to find out if I can improve on last year’s performance, and see if my performance is good enough to win. I can assure you I will give it my all.”

Alec strongly believes OCR is an awesome and seriously demanding sport, designed to find any flaws and weaknesses one may have.
“Let’s find out how prepared I am.”
Personal support is a huge factor in the massive last few months of preparation.“A special thanks to my wife Rhona, my children, Business Partner Rory Mapstone and Cousin John Chalmers, ( host and pit crew ) all for your personal support of my pursuit for OCR glory in the OLD MAN 50+ category.” #OCRWC #KeyHealth #ToyotaSA #FirstAscent #SAOCR

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