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Race Report: Louis Smit – Toyota Warrior Namibia

This was such an awesome event and also a big privilege to be able to compete in the Warrior race international event in Namibia. We also made a lekker adventure of it by driving down from South Africa in the

Race Report: Louis Smit – Warrior #8

The last race of the season, the last chance to compete in 2018, the last Warrior race, the finals, the final stretch. This was a really long season and I was so excited to race, my build up to the

Race Report: Louis Smit – Spartan Kings-Kloof

The Spartan Race has finally come to South Africa and was way different than I expected, new events always have a few issues to sort out but they were fairly on the ball here, the race markings were great and

Race Report: Louis Smit – OCRWC

Day one of the OCR World Champs could be summed up as ‘’Damn these European dudes are fast!’’. With the athletes racing 10 at a time I had no clue where I was all I knew that I was passing

Race Report: Louis Smit – WARRIOR 7 [Cape Town]

The first time I had to defend my title as Warrior race champion and unsuccessful unfortunately… I was fairly excited for the Warrior race as I knew I was on top of my game for the last month or so

Race Report: Louis Smit – GI Joe 3 – Vi[er Clash

The third race of the GI Joe series this year was great fun even though there were some major issues with course markings and Marshalling. As always this event was all about the main event the Commander challenge plus there

Race Report: Louis Smit – Tough Mudder

Louis Smit – Race Report for Tough Mudder SA. 15/09/2018 Tougher Mudder 16kilometers and 20+ obstacles competitive elite wave. This was such an awesome event and also a big privilege to be able to compete in the first Tough Mudder

Nevarest takes on multiple events at multiple locations and gets multiple podiums

When you have the talent that we have, getting all your athletes to one event simply isn’t good enough. This weekend saw multiple races, in numerous different disciplines, happen all over the country, with the Nevarest Team showing up to