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The Holiday Season calls for “Playtime!”

It’s all about fun, games and training! December is known as wind-down time. Some athletes pack away their overused running shoes and mountain bikes that have traveled many happy and muddy kilometers; others use the “extra” time to stress less

What you didn’t know about Shane Gouldie and Trail Adventure

Betting on a good life By Annabelle Latz So who knew… Shane Gouldie, the happy-go-lucky wild-haired dude behind the scenes and front of house at the Trail Adventure runs, actually has quite the tale to tell. The farm boy from

Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon – extreme fun

By Annabelle Latz 19-25th October, 2019 We put our worlds on hold for a week, and took off on foot into a world of sand and rocks and rivers, canvas and fire, dirt, Weather Gods, stars and scorching sun. As

Running at a second chance


When you’re handed a second chance. Rubbing shoulders and sharing footprints with some of the best of the trail running talent in the world, on foreign turf, will soon be a ticked bucket list item for Bennie Roux. He will

Introducing Team KeyHealth Nevarest – Expedition Africa Rodrigues

Starting tomorrow at 11:00 (13:00 local island time) the team will tackle the monumental Expedition Africa Rodrigues. With a total distance of 331km (providing you don’t get lost) and an expected winning time of 64h 55min the team will navigate

Defending his World Title

On top of the World The defending World Champion, Alec Avierinos, has been putting in some very hard and focused training over the past few months, and now the time has finally arrived for him to pack his bags and

Get out there, enjoy the mountains.

Education does not always have to happen within the classroom, and a group of students at Midstream College had a wonderful time last weekend learning just that. With their teacher, who is our very own Nevarest Team athlete Malcolm Dunkeld,


What does it take to win the Toughest Race On Earth, three times in a row? Ask Bennie Roux, he’s just won The Munga Trail for the third consecutive year. In fact, he’s the only person to ever grace the

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