21km REMAX Knysna Heads Half Marathon Race Report

8 March 2020 – Thesen Island, Knysna

Chrissie Viljoen – The ever-popular Knysna Heads Marathon took place this weekend, starting at Thesen Island. With the race being a qualifier for both the Comrades and Two Oceans marathons, there was a surprisingly big turnout. The full and half marathons started together at 6:00, just after sunrise. It was a perfect day for running, cool and overcast with the scenic route hugging the waterfront for most of the way.

My goal for the day was to try and run at 4:45 pace (definitely a stretch goal considering my latest fastest 5km is at 4:40 pace, LOL). I managed to keep it close to that for the first 10km, but when the inclines towards The Heads started it all unraveled a bit. My heart rate hovered around the 166-168 and I knew I couldn’t go much harder. At the turnaround at the Heads I could see there were not a lot of ladies in front of me and one guy at a waterpoint shouted that I was the 6th lady on the road. This encouraged me to keep my pace and I even overtook one lady towards the end. In the last 3 kilometers, I could feel I still lack speed endurance, but managed to keep it together until the end.

Turned out that some of the speedsters at the front were doing the full marathon and as a bonus, I had finished as 2nd lady and 23rd overall in the half marathon.

Thank you very much, Nevarest Team, for your continued support even during the year and a bit that I couldn’t race!

21km REMAX Knysna Heads Half Marathon Results:

1) Benita Joubert – 1:36:25
2) Chrissie Viljoen – 1:43:11
3) Carol-Ann Barnard – 1:49:48

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