Willem Erasmus – Warrior #2

This weekend was Warrior #2 at the awesome Emerald Casino in Vanderbijlpark.

This would also be my first Warrior race in about 7 months, all due to injuries.  My goal was clear:  Go out and enjoy yourself and see how the body holds off…

Except for the new TOYOTA title sponsor (I am a big Toyota fan), nothing really changed as the start was as fast paced as always…  However, this time around there was an awesome new obstacle, very early in the race, called the Waterfall.  It ended up being a bit more tricky than eventually anticipated, but with having clear set goals, I stuck to it.

Soon after getting the running on the way, I caught up with the leading ladies and decided to stick with them for a while.  About after 8km my calves started to strain with terrible cramps.  I had to pull of every now and then to do some stretching until I found some of the medical staff and they gave my some rennies.  I was surprised at how fast and efficient the rennies worked on the cramping calves.  The cramps dint worry me too much as I know it was only because of a lack of running as the previous couple of months I’ve only been doing cross-training and tried to keep impact off the legs.

As the rennies kicked in, I soon found my goal-pace again and soon caught up with the leading ladies again just before we entered the race area where all the more difficult obstacles were to await us.  This was another one of my goals, to test myself on the obstacles and see where I am obstacle wise.  To my surprise I managed to finish each obstacle the first time.  I have to admit, they weren’t that difficult after all.

In the end I managed to finish the Elite race in 13th position with my DQ band still intact, and besides the cramps, the body held up just fine!!

All and all I am feeling very strong, just have to get the running up to standard and I am sure I’ll be racing the top guys sooner rather than later.

Next up is The Beast #9 where after I will start to focus on the Two Oceans on 14 April where I will be running the Long Trail Run.

Well done to my team mates on their results.  Always nice to have a big Nevarest presence amongst the top Elite athletes.

Also thank you to everyone involve with Team Nevarest and for the opportunities to be part and to race in the colours of Team Nevarest.