Willem Erasmus – The Beast #8

After being out of action since OCRWC in October 2016 due to a tibia fracture, I made a return this weekend to OCR. 

The goals were:

·         Just finish the race without injuries

·         See where I am obstacle wise as I’ve been out of it for some time

·         Have fun and remind myself why I love the sport.

I am very fortunate and reached my goals 100%.

As with every Beast race, I knew it would be hard and after setting myself goals before the start, I set off on a nice and easy start about in the middle of the batch.

As the obstacles started getting more and harder, I was soon surprised to find myself in 5th position with only the last couple of obstacles remaining.

After having a few goes on the technical grip strength obstacle over the water, I finally managed to finished it and make my way through to the finish with my DQ band in place.

All and all I am very happy where I am at, but there are still a long way to go before I can start competing against the top guys again.

Next up for me will be Warrior #2 @ Emeralds which I will also approach as a training run, before taking training to a next level.

Well done to all my team mates on their results.  Always nice to have a big Nevarest presence amongst the top Elite athletes.

Also thank you to everyone involve with Team Nevarest and for the opportunities to be part and to race in the colors of Team Nevarest.