Weekend Roundup: 3 Races, 14 athletes on the podium!

Over the span of one weekend, the Nevarest Team saw a record number of athletes on the podium.

With Nevarest only taking part in 3 races over the weekend, we still managed to rack up an impressive 9 podiums! With the Momentum Multiply Challenge being a first of its kind, it was great to have Nevarest have an incredibly strong showing!


This new-style shorter race consisted of a set amount of obstacles (depending on the difficulty you’re racing in) over the sprint-like distance of 2km.

Due to the fast and non-mistake friendly style of the race, we are very impressed with our athlete’s performances.

Extremist Category (30 obstacles):

  • Michelle Meyer // 2nd place
  • Greg Avierinos // 3rd place

Brave Category (22 obstacles):

  • Ruth Avierinos // 1st place
  • Willem Erasmus // 2nd place

Apprentice Category (15 obstacles):

  • Tumi Matlou // 1st place
  • Dylan van Tonder // 1st place


While the OCR athletes were busy shredding up the Momentum Multiply Challenge, we had two AR teams out in the wilderness, who competed in the FullMoon adventure race. This gruelling 120km race is always difficult and we are very impressed with the two teams that we entered, both of them getting podiums!




KeyHealth Team Jabberwock [Cobus, Craig, Janneke, David] // 1st place
Team KeyHealth Nevarest [Malcolm, Jaco, Michael, Yolanda] // 2nd place
Willem Erasmus also took part in the 21km –¬†Smuts Trail Run/Walk and came 3rd!

With these awesome results, we had 14 athletes compete in 3 races, with an increased podium count of 9, and 14 Athletes stand up on the much-coveted podium over the course of the weekend!

We’re very proud and impressed with all of their performances!