Race Report: Yolande Speedy – Cullinan 2 Tonteldoos

Until completing the 2018 Cullinan 2 Tonteldoos MTB Ultra 2018 I didn’t understand the attraction of pedaling for 260km let alone through the night so I’m not sure what brought me to the start line of the 2018 Cullinan 2 Tonteldoos MTB Ultra… what I did know is that it would be the furthest I had ever ridden and my first all-night event and that made me more than a little anxious.

Having a fantastic support crew and being as prepared as possible for what lay ahead definitely helped calm the nerves though and soon we were off.

We started with a several kilometre tar neutral zone leaving Cullinan that served as a great warm-up before we hit the dirt and the pace picked up. I kept with the main bunch until we hit a fairly rough grass single track about 30km in and from there I was mostly on my own only seeing red flashing lights in the distance and bright white lights behind.

The hours and kilometres stretched on broken briefly by the compulsory checkpoint stops and much welcomed help from my seconds. The first 140kms to Loskop dam were mostly rolling hills and flats and went by fairly quickly, after that the climbs kept coming and I was very grateful for my lightweight Cannondale FSI! A mixture of race adrenalin and HIGH5 kept me going and finally I reached the last 2kms the finish line in reach.

The event organisers had added a sting in the tail though as those were by far the toughest 2kms of the race for me!! I made it though and crossed the line very happy to take the win in the solo ladies category for Team KeyHealth Nevarest.

What a super tough, challenging, fun and adventurous experience!!

I could not have done this without the spot on support from my seconds Greg and Alec, thanks guys I always say supporting is harder than participating and I feel this event tests that theory to the max!!

Thanks to Team Keyhealth Nevarest for making my participation possible and to EpicSports for your continued support!! #Nevarestteam  #Keyhealth #ToyotaSA  #FirstAscent #HIGH5.

Well done to Elaine Vermeulen, 2nd and Nienie Steenekamp,3rd and big congrats to my teammates Ruan and Malcolm for their fantastic results taking 7th and 8th overall!

Till next time…