Race Report: Willem Erasmus – Marine OCR

This weekend was the Winter Break version of the Marine OCR near Bloemfontein. Although still in the final stage of rehab after a lengthy injury layoff, the wife and I decided to give the Marine OCR a go and see how our fitness is coming along.

A nice race where the organizers really did their part to have a great event. Some really nice running with good carry obstacles and a lot of great natural obstructions to get by. There is also the Modder River which made for some great river crossings. They are not really into upper-body obstacles and focuses more on a fun family day out, but it would really help put some balance into their OCR with an addition of a monkey bar or some Tarzan swings. Seargent Flex and his team Marine OCR are however really passionate about their race and that was really nice to see.

In the end and after some technicalities, I ended up on top of the podium of the 12km Seargent Elite Race which was really nice and also fun to share with my wife, Annemarie, whom also won the ladies Elite race.

It was also really nice representing my KeyHealth Nevarest Team after a long layoff and presenting them with another podium. Thanks for sticking with me during this injury.

Well done to my teammates on their Warrior Race results over the weekend.  Always nice to see a big Nevarest presence amongst the top Elite athletes.

Also, thank you to everyone involved with Team Nevarest and for the opportunities to be part and to race in the colours of Team Nevarest.

Next up will be some smaller races and then maybe Warrior #7 @ Meerendal, Cape Town…