Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Warrior #7

It was such an incredible weekend racing, I don’t even really know where to begin. We left Thursday evening at 8:30 after my Physiology Semester test and arrived in Cape Town around 11:00 the next day. Cape Town as always was spectacular. I had been to Cape Town before on holiday but this was my first time racing in the mother city I was very excited. And was ready to get rid of some of my energy that had accumulated after the long road trip.


Saturday I took part in the Key health Sprint race. I really enjoy this race as it leaves no room for error, as well as it allows me to see my performance compared to the Black Ops Elite Women. I was quite happy with results making it into the semifinals and just missing the finals by 1 position. Granted a lot of the top athletes weren’t racing but it definitely gave me more motivation for the next one.


Sunday: Race day I was super excited to see how my training would pay off. I have been focusing on my grip strength and so I knew my running would be as up to speed but I was still sure I could get a good time. The obstacles were incredible like always. Me being a shorter athlete of 160m I struggled quite a bit with the last two obstacles which required you to reach for a metal triangle hanging on a chain while holding onto a net. And then swing to the adjacent net. After quite a lot of tries and threating to give up about a million times I eventually got it right -to my own amazement – While I was busy trying to finish this obstacle I could see majority of the leading ladies stuck on the commando’s version of breaking point “Iron Rig” because of all my grip strength training I knew that I would probably be able to finish it. This gave me the motivated to finish it. After having completed what felt like on of the toughest obstacles, it was on to Iron Rig. I knew that I had really made my hand tired from the previous obstacle and so I would have to get it right 1st time. The obstacle consisted of unchained monkey bars into parallel bars to a hanging pole shimmy and finishing with chained monkey bars. I mad it through all of them quite easily until I got to the chained triangles. Again my height was to blame, as I couldn’t reach the second triangle. I felt quite defeated having come so far only to not be able to finish the 3rd last obstacle. However, I eventually came up with the solution that if I go directly after someone else I should be able to reach the second triangle…needless to say I finished with my band coming 2nd in U/22 6th in the Women and 30th Overall.

I was very happy having completed it, however, my days racing was not yet over as I still had to compete in the Team Sprint race. It went surprisingly well-being part of the B team we were really happy to make it into the finals beating the Jeep Team by 10sec to make it. We ended coming 4th by a few seconds. All in all it was a great weekend racing and looking forward to the next one.