Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Warrior #6

Yet again I could not contain my excitement for the warrior race, Last year I thoroughly enjoyed the race in Nelspruit and so I couldn’t wait to try taking on the course this year. Only to find out that they changed the venue! I was quite upset however my disappointment quickly dissipated when I heard that we would be running inside the soccer stadium! I was ecstatic I had never been inside a soccer stadium and so I was really excited to get the opportunity, and it being in a race made it even better.


The previous weekend I managed to injure my self during a 160km Adventure race and so I was a bit conscious as to if I should participate or not but I decided to give it a go and to just let the chips fall as they may.

I was very happy with that decision as I was ending up having one of my best and most enjoyable races in a long time. I managed to get through all the obstacles first time; except for Iron rig and I pushed my self in between the obstacles. I definitely think that this is my new favourite course and I really hope we have it in the same place next year! I managed to podium in this race coming 2nd in the u22, but overall I was really just happy to have been able to take part. Thank you so much to all my sponsors for making it possible it really was an incredible weekend. Hopefully, I will be injury free for the next race. Can’t wait for the next challenge in the Western Cape.