Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Warrior #4

Waking up early is usually makes most people upset, myself included but not today! Warrior race 4 had finally come! I had never done the race in Nelspruit before, as the previous year I was busy with preliminary Exams and so I was very excited to see what they had in store for us. The previous day! participated in the sprint course and so my muscles had definitely been warmed up, but I was definitely ready for the race. During the previous 3 races, I was up able to finishes because I was unable to complete obstacles and so this time I decided to rather focus on training upper body, instead of running so that I would be able to at least finish the race.

When we arrived at the race venue and I started warming up my left ear felt a bit sore but I didn’t know what was wrong with it( it turns out I actually had otitis media, but I didn’t know that at the time.) After warm up, we went to stand in the start area and Warrior Rick gave us some pre-race motivation which is always helpful. When the race began I felt really good but about 2km into the run I got a really bad stomach cramp, and had to wait it out for a while. when I eventually could get going again I was quite far behind the leaders but told myself to just keep on giving it everything I have, the race isn’t over till you cross the finish line.

Once I started getting back into my running pace it was a breeze I had so much fun. Really enjoying the new carry obstacle addition of metal barrels and running in between the orchards looking at the beautiful mountains that surrounded me. By this time my ear was severely sore but I figured whether I stop or continue it’s going to be sore anyway -and besides if I was on the battlefield and had a sore ear I wouldn’t be able to stop fighting- so I continued this posed a bit of problem as I could not really hear what the marshals were saying and feared that I would get to the end of an obstacle only to be told that I did it wrong, and that I have to start again. Fortunately this didn’t happen. By the time I got to the 16th obstacle I was feeling really good and even though the iron rig had cost me two races in the past, I was confident that I could beat it this time. When I got to the ring part of the obstacle, having completed the shimmy bar, I thought it would be easy as rings are one of my favorite obstacles. However they were quite far apart and so I couldn’t reach the second one! After hanging for about 2 min I eventually decided that I didn’t have enough momentum, and so I had to start again. Fortunately, my brother Greg Avierinos was there and he told me what I should try to get more momentum, which not to my surprise really helped and I was able to complete the rings. Next was the balancing beam which I found quite easy as it was a lot thicker than the one in the sprint course. Then all that was left to do was the unchained monkey, which to explain it basically is pretty much monkey bars on steroids. I made it to the last on but was in a bit of a hurry and my grip wasn’t right and fell off! So back to the drawing board! By this time I had the obstacle down and so flew through it being cautious, however, to not make any stupid mistakes! When I got to the last monkey bar I had to create a bit of extra momentum to reach the bar as my legs couldn’t reach the bell. But I managed to get it right and was finally finished! I had completed my 1st ever Iron Rig I was thrilled! However, there was no time to celebrate, as my boyfriend was right behind me (he got stuck on the mission impossible obstacle) and I thought it would be really awesome if I could beat him! The next few obstacles were rather easy and I made it back to the finish line in one piece. It felt so good to cross the finish line.

I finished in a time of 1 h and 35min 58 sec (2min ahead of my boyfriend!), and even though I am not really happy with my time, I was just really happy I finished! I ended up coming 11th overall for the women and 2nd in the u22 age group in the Commando Elite race. This was definitely one of the most fun races I have done in a while, and it definitely left me wanting more! Can’t wait for the next one in Durban.

‘Till next time stay awesome and hopefully see you at the next race.