Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Nissan Trailseeker 40km

The setting of this race was spectacular! The Mabalingwe game reserve is about 1H 30min away from Pretoria. And so an early wake-up time was necessary however it was definitely worth it. It was the second time that I have done the 40km half marathon. I was super excited, however when we arrived the race organisers warned us that there would be scorching temperatures of 35-40 degrees. I was a bit worried as I only had one bottle cage on my bike. We set off at 8:50 am with a really fast start being back in the A batch I had forgotten the pace that everyone was cycling at but I loved it. From sandy roads to amazing single track this really was an incredible course. However because it was so hot I managed to run out of water before the 1st water point and so I was becoming really thirsty and then to make matters worse I managed to do something to my gears and so I was not able to change gears (even manually) and obviously they were in the big blade  which made the many hills interesting, to say the least. All in all, I had a wonderful race and I managed to improve my position from the last race from 14th to 8th which I was really happy about. Really looking forward to the next one in November.