Race Report: Michelle Meyer – The Air up There!

Afriski Air Up There…!
Well done to the Coromba’s and their BattleRush team for pulling off such a successful OCR race in Lesotho, the highest one in Africa yet!
Taking part in this event was something else..! It was one if the prettiest and also one of the toughest races I have done. It was the first time I took part at a high altitude, like most participants, and the only way I can think of describing what makes it different…is that it feels like trying to breathe through a straw from start to finish! I am sure there was a component of nerves and the excitement of the event itself, but like Marco described in the race briefing, the first few 100 meters were brutal and we just kept going up, and even higher from there!
The views that came with going up was incredible and I would like to think that I went as slow as I did because I was appreciating the spectacular views. ;P
It was such a good combination of challenging mountain running and obstacles that kept it interesting along the way… except that I didn’t like having to do 30 burpees for missing that spear throw… can we get bigger tyres to throw them through next time!? 😉
Well done to everyone who took part and conquered the 5°C swim at the beginning of the race, this includes my little sis who took part in the 6km OCR race! It was only 20m, but it was incredibly cold.

Day 2 – Sprint and team event day!

We all woke up to a view of the slope staring back at us… it looks small from far away but when we stepped up to where we had to start, we couldn’t see the finish arch that was only 900m away! 900m straight up the ski slope with 200m incline, which is a lot for that distance!?

Everyone started with a jog, some even a sprint but it didn’t last too long as soon as we hit the first incline on the already steep hill. The ground was very uneven all the way up and my HR shot up after the first few steps, and stayed there despite walking most of the way up.
This was tough, but it was fun, I wanted to say coming down is more fun but after going up my legs were a bit wobbly on the way down…!
The team event was.. insanity! We approached our strategy a little differently than the majority of the teams with me ending up as the only girl waiting at the transition for the obstacle section of the race. Louis kicked off the race with the running section, with Greg completing the carry before handing over to me. Greg had an amazing run, making up from 8th and handing over to me in first with quite a lead…!
My heart was racing from the adrenaline and by the time I hit the third obstacle, it felt like I was going to hit the floor..! Luckily that was when Greg and Louis caught up to me to assist me mentally and physically… #ThereIsNo’I’inTeam!
I really struggled with just moving forward, not to mention climbing things on the way… I really would not have been able to finish this without my team… it really is a killer BattleRush sprint course that they set up at Afriski!
With a slip-up at one of the obstacles which we didn’t realize formed part of the course, we had to go back to jump the “Lilly-pads” and finished as the second team for the day! Such a thrilling and exciting event…!
All-in-all I would love to go back and do it all over…! Best way to spend a birthday weekend!
Thanks to Nevarest for the amazing events we get to take part in!
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