Race Report: Michael Joubert – Warrior #7

“Living the life”. That is all I can say. So on the Wednesday afternoon, I arrived back in South Africa from the OCR World Championships in Canada – quickly washing my race kit that night because the next day we were off to the Cape for Warrior 7 in Meerendal on Sunday.

I was still a bit broken and sore from the previous weekend of racing in Canada but really looked forward to this race in the Cape. On the Friday afternoon Greg and I went for an easy run to loosen up the legs after the thousands of kilometres we spent in transit that previous weekend. We went and checked out some of the course and the obstacles and saw it was a really scenic venue.

The Sunday morning came and off we went with the normal sprint-out from the start. I felt rather good for the first few kilometers but then it hit me like tree, my legs felt tired and heavy and it felt like I was moving like a snail. I just told myself to keep on even though I lost a few places I still remained positive.

At the top of the hill with the water carry, I started to feel a bit better and actually started to catch some guys again. I slowly moved up a few places until we got to Breaking Point. There a few guys were still stuck – with the wind giving them a hard time to get through it. I didn’t waste too much time and went for it. I struggled a bit to get on the halfway resting pole after I got my left pinkie stuck in the handle. Luckily I made it to the resting pole after a bit of a struggle sitting in 4th place. I just rested too long there and wasted too much time redoing the first part of the Iron rig. In the end, I crossed the finish line in 7th place.

Thanks to my sponsors for making all of these great races a possibility Team Nevarest, Keyhealth, Toyota SA and Inov8.