Race Report: Michael Joubert – Impi Challenge

“So what about a road trip to the Impi…” was the question.

This past weekend Louis Smith, Greg Avienrinos, Thomas van Tonder and I took the scenic route to Stellenbosch, having a blast along the way.

We started out at 3 am on the Thursday morning aiming for the Rigtersveld, but ended up at Kleinzee. There we bumming on the beach after arriving rather late that night at Kleinzee. We had a quick beer, walking around on the beach and then retired to our “hole”, getting a bit of shelter from the wind that night.

The next morning we still had a big drive ahead of us to get to Stellenbosch and we wanted to go through the Namaqua National Park along the coast. We came rather far until we got stuck in the sand and had to dig out the car and get rocks to build a track for the car. Luckily we had the ideal team for that.

Arriving late that night in Wellington at my friend Albertus’s house (him together with his house mate Maree), we got a few hours of rest in before Albertus showed us around at the Paarl rock and swimming up in Bains kloof.

Sunday came the actual reason we were in the Cape for. I didn’t go into the race with a goal to finish on the podium, as this was my first Impi and I was still not as in shape as before my operation. I felt rather good that morning not stressing myself out before the race and wanted to enjoy it.

As we started I just tried to keep with the pack with Bradley and myself chasing each other on our 3km brick carry. After a while I caught up with Greg and it was a game of “cat and mouse” all the way to the end.

The Impi was really a tough race with a lot of heavy carries and some proper climbs. My body still feels a bit broken after the race. The two swimming sections were an especially great change and I enjoyed that section.

I raced in my new Inov-8 x-talons 225 that gave me more than enough grip though out the race and drained rather quickly after each water crossing. Thanks to Team Nevarest and our sponsors for making this trip possible.

The podium was as follow:
Thomas van Tonder 2:00:18
Greg Avienrinos 2:01:52
Michael Joubert 2:02:38

Dominique Doliveira 2:40:05
Carina Marx 2:48:28
Ita van Niekerk 3:02:30

Also well done on fellow team mate Michelle and Louis for taking a 5th and 6th place respectively.

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