Race Report: Michael Joubert – Beast #10 & TrailAdventure Canoe Triathlon

The weekend of the of the 6th and 7th of May was a jam-pack weekend of racing. Firstly,on the Saturday I took on the Savage Beast race and Sunday TrailAdventure Canoe Triathlon.

The Savage Beast was again an interesting change up with introducing a bonus obstacle, a slack line, into the race since the previous fast and slow lane concepts. This time the fast and slow lanes showed a larger difference in time to get through them and was great to see something like this develop. The bonus obstacle was that you can choose to do it or not but if you make it you win 500m on the course and could definitely give you a big advantage.

The race didn’t start too fast as the first fast and slow lane obstacle was in the first kilometer of the race and only after that it felt like we are really chasing each other. Thomas had already a bit of a lead and with Bradley close on my heels I tried to keep a gap between me and Bradley will chasing down Thomas.

As we came to the bonus obstacle Thomas just made it across thus winning 500m on the course. I wasn’t that lucky and running hard to make up the time on Thomas again I saw Bradley also fail on the slackline.

In the end our positions stayed the same and Thomas took another win with myself in 2nd and Bradley in 3rd.

Thanks Jason Friedman for an another exciting course, always looking forward at what you have to offer on the next race and the guys from Besnapped for the great photos.

The TrailAdventure Canoe Triathlon was a first for me with Greg and myself competing as a team. We went two weeks ago just to check how we paddle together in a K2 and who must sit in the front and steer and that kind of stuff. I quickly saw my legs fall asleep when paddling and opted that Greg will do the steering.

So early that morning we were off with the leading paddlers quickly making a bit of a gap on us. After the 8km row the leading pair had a 4:30min lead on us. As we stop I first couldn’t get out of the canoe because my leg was totally numb. They quickly came back to live and we got onto the bikes and had to close the gap. Luckily mountain biking and trail running is a bit more in our framework and we quickly closed the gap and opened a proper lead on the 20km biking section and then just kept the lead on the 5km run. We crossed the finish line in first overall.

So after a weekend with two podium finishes, I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks to my sponsors for helping us compete in all of these races. #TeamNevarest #Keyhealth #Toyota #Pharmanex