Race Report: Malcolm & Jaco – USN MTB Cup & Kinetic Sprint series #2 Emmarentia

USN MTB Cup – Malcolm Dunkeld

Heading to the start line of the USN MTB Cup #4 race held at Red Barn I was, unfortunately, a bit on the back foot. Two days before the race started, I felt the flu coming on. But true to adventure racing spirit I decided to kill the flu with a good hard 50km MTB race, plus I have a great medical aid!!! Thanks, Keyhealth. I donned my kit and strapped on my cleats sadly to have to start in the B-Batch because of focusing on AR racing and not earning any SA Seeding points.

Despite this, the start whistle went and I could grind my crank over the awesome 50kms, of mostly single track. Unfortunately, this made it challenging as it wasn’t long before I had caught up with the A batch riders and often had to wait patiently on single track for an opportunity to pass.

I managed to crawl my way up to finishing in 31st overall and 9th in my category out of 500+ riders. The advantage of a B Batch start is that I got to flash the Keyhealth kit as I passed many riders in the A batch. Was great to race on my new bike and I’m looking forward to racing next in Swaziland.


Kinetic Sprint series #2 Emmarentia – Malcolm Dunkeld and Jaco Lourence

The Emmarentia sprint is always fun but is an urban race and requires absolute red lining ability as you race around the suburbs. With a strong field assembled at the start line it was clear that any navigational error would prove to be fatal, and sadly it was.

The race started with a 1km sprint to fetch passport and punch, we then mounted our bikes and headed out on the road for the cycle leg. After an early high-speed chase between four teams, Jaco and I managed to secure a good position in 2nd place. We maintained a gap from the team behind us and had in our eyesight the team ahead of us (both Keyhealth teams might I add). Until CONTROL POINT 17!!! A route decision meant we had a shorter route to CP 17 but needed to make an additional turn. We missed that turn and had to backtrack to find CP 17. This error bumped us into 4th place. All was not lost as we still had a decent run and paddle leg to chase down our competition.


But there was another twist in the tale as the race organizers forgot to print the map for the final trek leg. This meant a short run to Emmarentia lake a paddle and a short run back. No time to chase down competition as we hoped. Sadly we finished 4th overall. Well done to Team Keyhealth OCR and Keyhealth Jabberwock for finishing 1st and 2nd respectively.

We will be back.