Race Report: Malcolm Dunkeld – Kinetic Sprint #2 [Emmarentia]

This race is somewhat of an Urban Adventure race but always lots of fun. The race started with a short 1km run, which our import Ross Kay-Hardes and I decided to do in full cycling kit (Cleats and all). Coming out in a strong second place after missing one CP we started on the bike.

Our Keyhealth teammates Yolande and Johnathan came through powering on the bike and we raced like a team of four for most of the bike leg. Again after missing the last CP Johnathan and Yolande managed a nice little gap going into the final run/kayak leg.

We soon managed to close the gap and started the kayak leg just ahead of them. However, due to some binocular vision, they managed to spot the CP way before us and turned back to make another gap on the kayak leg. Knowing that Ross and I were going to have to really race hard to collect the final CP on the run and complete the obstacle course we made sure to catch our breath as we finished the kayak.

Out on the last run, we turned off to get the last CP as Johnathan seemed to take a different route. We collected the CP but soon realised that Johnathan and Yolande had missed the CP and had to come back. This gave us an easy run the obstacle course and finish of the race.

Thanks again to all the sponsors and Ross for standing in as a teammate.