Race Report: Louis Smit – Warrior Namibia

This was such an awesome event and also a big privilege to be able to compete in the Warrior races first international event in Namibia. We also made a lekker adventure of it by driving down from South Africa in the best car brand ever Toyota, was definitely not a perfect race build up but definitely worth the trip.

We got up really early the morning of the race to be able to make it in time for the event, everything at Midgard looked so classy and accommodating loved the venue, just a really far drive from Windhoek. Luckily there were a few other South Africans who also came down for the event and this made it feel more like a home race. Warrior Ric gave us some much needed motivation and off we went. I ran passed the first obstacle and quickly had to double back, don’t ask me how, like Thomas said my GPS wasn’t working on the day, probably because we have no signal in Namibia lol. Anyways soon I was on Greg Avierinos and Thomas van Tonders, coming into the second obstacle I passed Greg and kept my pace next to Thomas. This was where the real battle started.

It was a back and forth battle with the two of us trading 1st and 2nd on numerous occasions, Thomas made a bit of a gap on the tyre flip but I closed things back up on the run, unfortunately I did make a few errors again with some bunting tape causing confusion but nothing major happened until we got to some really technical terrain. There were loose rocks everywhere and quite a tough climb as well, I was reduced to a power walk thinking that the downhill would be where I could make up. Getting to the top was tough and the downhill was even more technical, having rolled my ankle just the previous week made me think twice about running down, I just continued moving slow and careful.

Getting to the bottom was a sigh of relieve but Thomas had made quite a substantial lead now and I knew Greg would have closed the gap on the Technical terrain. I gunned the last flat part and missioned through the barrage of obstacles ahead as I was doing Iron Rig I saw Greg on unchained monkey, the obstacle just before Iron Rig, and knew he was pushing hard the end was close though and I came in to take the second spot about a minute behind Thomas.

This is my best result on the Warrior race so far and hopefully I have broken the curse of the 3rd place position as I have made the podium on numerous occasions but always in 3rd. Second feels much better that’s for sure. We also had a go in the team event and wanted a win there but could only manage a 2nd place as well, I opted to rather skip the sprint as my form wasn’t good for the sprints yet.

I think for the first international race Warrior hosted they succeeded and I enjoyed it very much, hopefully in the future we will have more of these international races, where we can create some unforgettable adventures and memories. Thanks to my sponsors again for making this possible.