Race Report: Louis Smit – Warrior #8

The last race of the season, the last chance to compete in 2018, the last Warrior race, the finals, the final stretch. This was a really long season and I was so excited to race, my build up to the race felt good but little did I know that the Worlds Toughest Mudder a few weeks ago left me with little to nothing in the tank. The Warrior race course designers decided to shorten the course again and in hindsight, this actually made the race even harder, I started off fast as I usually do but could only keep this up for about two kilometres or so.

I started to fade, legs were burning, heart rate was high, gasping for air, my mind said yes go hard but my legs said fuck no. I tried to push here and there but to no avail, I would gain and make up places and then pay for it soon after, my body just wasn’t up to par. 

I came into the final obstacle gauntlet in probably like 10th place and could see how the front of the race was unfolding in front of me but I was way too far back to challenge for a podium spot. I did, however, make up some places on the famous breaking-point obstacle.

Hold on, one more rope, last ring, bell! I made it through breaking-point in 5th position who knew one obstacle could be such a game changer. I was now alone, nobody in sight and nobody chasing me down either. Hearing that Thomas van Tonder had won as the commentator was shouting, I finished Iron rig and strolled in to claim 5th place. Happy with the result considering the long season and the toll WTM had taken on me. Now for some rest and recovery before I start focussing on 2019…

Thanks for all the support, thanks to all our sponsors and thanks to every single person who made 2018 as awesome as it was in regards to this OCR sport we love so much. Rest well, see you soon, be sure to bring you’re A-game… 2019 let’s go!!!