Race Report: Louis Smit – Warrior #7

The beautiful Meerendal Wine estate left me with no fond memories, think it’s a coastal thing, as soon as I get near the coast or down to sea level things get harder form me. This is a bit weird as things should get easier near the coast or am I wrong? The sprint course was a whole lot of fun again but as I recall I couldn’t get properly switched on. I was on the line properly warmed up and ready to go but I was missing that inner fire, I don’t know how to explain something just wasn’t there.

I went through the motions and fell out in the semi-finals, again I wasn’t disappointed or analyzing what went wrong, I was just there and I normally don’t operate like this. I think this could be due to the long season or maybe just lack motivation due to the whole OCRWC scenario that went sour.

My focus was on the Black Ops Elite race as I knew I should be fresher than some of the athletes coming back from international racing but again I was passive in my approach and not even feeling nervous, thinking back I can’t even remember what warrior Ric even said in the build-up to the start, I had no butterflies. Looking back I was just going through the motions again, the start was fast as normal and I kept close to the front with the first few obstacles but I couldn’t get into a comfortable rhythm and started to fade. I only ever started to feel comfortable when the climb started but at this point, I was already down in 7th.

The carries were brutal this time around and with a proper lead this would have been more of an ideal situation but with my bad start, I was passed by an athlete and also couldn’t close any gaps. With the decent, I made up that one position and could close the gap eventually to the next athlete in 6th. As I got to the dreaded Breaking Point I had a chance to take up 3rd place as only two athletes had succeeded in getting through. Unfortunately, I was tired of trying to catch up the whole race and I failed my first attempt which opened the door for a few athletes to get through as I needed to recover. Lost all motivation to continue racer from there and just finished my race in 9th position.

Rather disappointed with my result I knew there was still the team event, and that I would be teaming up with two solid athletes and needed to do well there. The qualifying rounds went off without a hitch everything was going as it should and I was confident that we had this one in the bag. The finals weren’t smooth at all though, my race leg was riddled with mistakes but luckily my teammates pulled it through with ease. Thanks to Greg and Dominique we took home the win in the team event.

Hopefully, things will be back to normal for me come the Warrior Finals. At least I have got some time to train and get my head straight again, this was one of those racing weekends I would like to forget. Just want to thank my sponsors for backing me even though this wasn’t the result we wanted but with some work, I should be back stronger than before.