Race Report: Louis Smit – Warrior #6

This has been by far one of my most favorite races this year, the technical trails, the obstacles, the venue, the short course, I just want to congratulate the warrior team on a great event. Everything wasn’t smooth sailing though, for me, I was feeling great on the short course but lost my composure and made multiple mistakes in the semis and was knocked out, unfortunately. Mentally it wasn’t too much of a setback as I didn’t put too much pressure on myself for this race.

The main event the Black Ops Elite was my highlight of the weekend. I had never felt this calm before an event in a long time, I had no expectations at all to podium or do well as I took a hard knock in KZN warrior 5. I felt my form wasn’t where it needed to be but could just do my best and see where it took me. The buildup was great as usual thanks to warrior Rick and the warrior crew.

For the first time this year I started a Warrior race steady and in an easy pace, I felt comfortable and relaxed, conserving energy and keeping up with the front bunch. I did hit the obstacles hard though, and soon gaps emerged, Thomas was leading at this stage and I latched onto Claude and we closed the gap on him and soon Claude pulled ahead of us all. At this stage, I again was thinking about just racing at my own pace and conserving energy.

The carries came the one after the other and I knew that Thomas would be working hard here so I also tried to push these obstacles hard but yes I hit a different obstacle as my stomach wanted to fall out and I needed to stop, looking back at things I know it was the race fuel I was trying out and it contained caffeine and this upset my system a bit. I needed to catch up now and was in 5th position behind Bradley, but not for too long as I caught him on the downhill. The tire flip was good for me this time as I had been working hard on this weakness of mine and increased the gap on Bradley even further.

Next up was Thomas and another athlete that I needed to catch, but I only ever got close to the end of the race. The last obstacles needed to be done fast and with good technique if I were to get on the podium as I was being chased by Bradley and I was chasing third place. The Iron Rig was where I passed the athlete in third, I didn’t waste any time and trusted in my training, as I got to Eliminator I saw Thomas and Claude battling things out on Breaking-point.

As I started the premium grip strength obstacle Warrior had to offer Thomas and Claude had already left, I again started with little to no hesitation as there was a resting point in the middle. As I dropped on the resting point off the net I quickly shook my arms out, took three breaths and went for it. I missed the bell but held my momentum to try again on my second swing and got it. The feeling was great and I knew I had done enough to get on the podium, I was proud of myself, happy to compete against strong athletes and grateful to be up there with the best.

I learned a lot and will use this experience going forward to the World Championships in Canada middle October. I have great form, confidence is at an all-time high and I only have a few final preparations left and then I face off against the best the world has to offer. Thank you to everybody who supported me this weekend as well as everyone backing me going forward, also thanks to my sponsors Nevarest team, Toyota and Keyhealth for giving me these opportunities to reach my best potential. The best is yet to come.