Race Report: Louis Smit – Warrior #5

Day 1

The first day of the KZN Warrior race was all about the sprint course and adapting to the new environment. It was a rather breezy morning as we got a glimpse of the short course for the first time in KZN, it was again full of sharp turns making it impossible to really run hard, and the obstacles were mostly similar except for a few changes.

There was no carry in this race and was replaced with a really technical obstacle where you had to move through a metal ring, onto a rope, through another ring and then hit the bell before touching the ground. The obstacle on its own was no problem but to do this at speed with athletes breathing down your neck made it really hard, one mistake on this course meant certain defeat.

Also due to some weather conditions, the set up was later than usual and Max made a call that there would be no quarter finals, this meant that only the fastest 8 times would qualify for the semi-finals. I was rather safe in the qualifying but really unlucky in the semi-final, there were mistakes and I didn’t make the final this time. I will be back to make amends at Tierpoort Warrior #6.

Day 2 Black Ops Elite

The main race of this event Black Ops Elite started at 8 am, the weather was perfect the vibe was amazing and I felt ready for this race.

The first stretch was something new to me as I had never raced on beach sand before. I also had a good idea of the map we would be racing but soon we were on the beach heading up the hill, doing a massive extra loop and coming back down to the beach again. Next, we faced a new obstacle again, we had to fill a massive bottle full of sea water to the line and then pour the water out again before we could continue. Running on the beach wasn’t too bad and I was doing good as I had the leaders in my sights.

We headed inland after we crossed over a lagoon, and at first, I was fine, but as soon as the climbs started I was taking strain. I kept well in contact again until we hit the dreaded tire flip, after that I was flat. I had about 4km to go and a lot of obstacles left and I hit survival mode, I just couldn’t get my legs back or get into a rhythm, the athletes in front of me were gone and the athletes behind me were getting closer after each obstacle until they passed me, I had lost my fight and they passed easily.

I was rather tired and broken at that stage and just went through the motions, got through the obstacles one by one and finished in a very disappointing 9th position. Not my best race, I will plan better and execute better next time.

Team Event

There was one final event left, everything that could have gone wrong so far has and this was my last chance to make at least one podium for the weekend and redeem myself. At first glance of the teams, we were to face I wasn’t really confident in my own abilities but I had a strong team behind me and I was really racing more for them than for myself. I started for the team and my goal here was to get a good start and the team on the front foot, my lap was rather composed, I might not have been the fastest on certain areas of the lap but I made no mistakes at all and soon got to my team mate first.

Michelle Meyer was now in first but chasing hard behind her was Team Jeep, Liquid Salt, Team Battlerush, and Team AOT.

She held her own but was just edged out by Team Jeep Liquid Salt and this now became a two horse race.

Greg Avierinos chased hard and caught up again to give us the lead on the final team lap, we again made no mistakes and built our human ladder with no hesitation to get over the final wall in first place. It was a great team effort and flawless performance for team Nevarest. I was over the moon with the result and so grateful.

What a great weekend, thanks to everyone who made this event possible and also thanks to my sponsors, team Nevarest, Toyota, Keyhealth without you this wouldn’t be possible for me and I am grateful for every opportunity.