Race Report: Louis Smit – The Beast #15

The Beast usually a really tough race to run and with Jason Freedman designing the courses always makes for some real strength orientated obstacles plus the terrain always makes for tough running as one always struggles to get into a proper running rhythm at the Wedge.

I haven’t done a Beast since winter 2017 so yeah glad to be back and to have a proper go at Thomas van Tonder as he still hasn’t lost a Savage Beast to date. My race strategy wasn’t to go out hard but rather to conserve energy for the obstacles and that’s how I raced, plus with the slow lane fast lane concept in place I didn’t want to take unnecessary chances, but this did open the door to Thomas to make a bit of a lead at the beginning of the race.

I knew I could always make up time with the run so wasn’t overly worried, but I hadn’t realized how far and long the truck and trailer would be until I got there, usually, I struggle with these but I have been working on my strength a lot and really surpassed my own standards here. I couldn’t close on Thomas with the drag but neither did he really pull too much gap ahead, plus my legs weren’t smashed after the drag which was great, I could still run!

I was steadily gaining on Thomas little by little and saw he wasn’t too far ahead with the swamp double tire carry, I got through that feeling great, next up was an accuracy obstacle where you need to throw a rock into a wooden box, I haven’t thrown rocks since my childhood on the farm so yeah not my strongest skill, none the less I just overthrew it a bit and missed. This meant I was now 30 burpees further behind Thomas as he didn’t miss the box.

I knew then that catching Thomas would be near impossible unless he made a few mistakes up ahead, I kept up my pace and really enjoyed the next part of the trail through the woods. The obstacles were tough but not impossible and I believe the race organizers have a really well-balanced event now and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I ended up in second position rather far behind Thomas, still happy with the result.


There was a new introduction to the Beast events and that was the Beast Sprint. It consisted of a 500m course with 9 obstacles and a CrossFit section with 3 disciplines. The race was in relay form with a mixed team of 3 athletes each doing a lap and then a final lap. Michelle, Calen and I teamed up to represent Team Nevarest.

We gave our all on the day and I loved the fact that the race was a little longer than the traditional Warrior Race Sprints as this meant there was an aspect of speed endurance involved almost like a 400m – 800m runner should have. I am super proud of my team we went all out but unfortunately just missed the win I think my lack of CrossFit knowledge could have attributed but next time I will be better prepared.

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible and congratulations to everyone who competed and completed this event. Also a special thank you to my sponsors Nevarest for adding this experience to my race calendar it was an absolute blast hopefully I will be back to race at the next Beast event.