Race Report: Louis Smit – Multiply Adventure Challenge

The Multiply Adventure Challenge was something entirely different than what I am used to seeing at most OCR events. It was a 3.5km course almost the same as last year but this year we had some really tough carries or strength related obstacles, there was also a few easy grip obstacles and some fun obstacles as well. The competition was tough as usual as the Warrior race crowd usually shows up for this event. I knew with all the strength obstacles Trevor Lagerway from Fitstrong in the Cape was always going to be a factor and our race turned into a massive battle.

I said pre-race that my goal wasn’t to go out too hard but rather to conserve energy for the finish but as things panned out I was in the lead from the start. As the carries started coming the one after the other I was holding my own against a charging Trevor Lagerway he eventually caught me on the tire drag and passed me for a brief moment. I caught him again and passed him with some more carries back to back, I was worried here that Trevor would push past me again but it didn’t happen.

Heading into the final gauntlet in the lead was great but the carries had taken their toll as I was fairly gassed. I had about 15seconds on Trev and was holding onto this slim lead but due to some bad technique on a new obstacle Trevor made a 15sec gap on me and I knew this close to the finish was going to be nearly impossible to catch up, I settled on second and that was that.

I also entered for the intermediate race called the Brave as I thought beforehand that this race distance is perfect for the OCR World Championships sprint course, similar distance, and would use this as training. Luckily that was an easy win for me. Two races, coming away with two podiums, was a good day and so happy with these results.

Just want to thank my sponsors and everyone who made this event so memorable and great will definitely be racing the next Multiply adventure challenge again!