Race Report: Louis Smit – Battlerush Wintercharge

Battlerush Wintercharge definitely made things rather interesting with the concept of having some penalty obstacles which meant that if you failed you needed to do 30 x burpies as a penalty. We also got a mystery number on our hand before the race which later was tied to a memory obstacle. The race started well as usual for me, I took the lead and raced through the first few easy obstacles. I did take a bit of a fall running through the wet underpass but luckily nothing serious.

I took my time to make sure I memorized my word and six digit number and off to the spear throw I went, I threw my spear and it looked like it pegged but fell out unfortunately and that’s basically where I started playing catch up with 30 burpees, and I caught up eventually but it drained my energy a bit more than anticipated. All the obstacles were rather easy and my fast running made up a big deal but as soon as I caught up to the leaders, there was a major bucket weighted carry. This obstacle was a tough one for me as it was the longest carry, my lower back really took some strain, and I think I lost 4 positions on this obstacle from 3rd to 7th.

I got in my running fast again as I traded places with Jay Jay Deysel and raced towards the next obstacle. Just as the name stated “luck shot” this was exactly what it was, you had a paintball gun and three shots to hit a target and unlucky for me I missed all three and guess what another 30 burpees. It really frustrated me and irritated me as I knew the race was over for me. All the other obstacles in between were rather easy again until we reached the last rig. We had a slip and slide just before the rig and there we needed to remember our word and six digit number which paid off for me. Now with wet hands, I tackled the last rig and made no mistakes finishing in 6th place.

My running is really looking good and my grip strength has improved very much the only real issue that still needs a bit of work is my strength to carry the heavy things. Other than that the race was enjoyable but yet extremely frustrating I had no luck to speak off and also no spears to train with guess if you want to do well at a Battlerush race make sure to get a spear and practice, practice, practice.

Thanks to all the people who came out to support and also well done Marco on a successful event.

I also want to thank my sponsors for giving me this opportunity, definitely not the result I was looking for but you win some and you learn some. #saocr #nevarestteam #toyota#keyhealth #battlerush