Race Report: Greg Avierinos – TrailAdventure Canoe Triathlon

This was an awesome race and my first multi-sport event in a long time with my focus being OCR. This race was done as team and I paired up with Michael Joubert to form the Nevarest male pair team. The race consisted of 8km paddling, 20km of Mountain Biking and 5km of trail running, of which we were secretly confident in our running and cycling abilities but we knew that we’d struggle to hang on with the paddle. As predicted the first male pair was off that start line on the paddle like a bullet out of a gun, they were already 20m into the race and it looked like we hadn’t moved yet… With the laps being rather short we ended up lapping quite a few of the teams but watched the other teams lead constantly grow! Coming in after the 8km we were just under 5min behind the leaders, so had some work to do on the bike! The bike started off fast and immediately I could feel my legs were tired from the Friday’s Yancy Camp gym session and so the first hill was particularly rough, but after that they seemed to loosen up and our progress was looking good overtaking about 4 people on the first hill with about 4 or 5 more to go. We made good progress and by the half way mark we had caught the top teams and were now in the lead, but the end of the cycle we had extended our lead to just under 4minutes on the next male pair and about 2 min on the next individual. After a quick transition it was onto the run and after a fast start we actually saw we had a good enough lead that we could take the run a bit easier and ran in to finish at a comfortable effort in just under 1h50 and 1st overall. Was a great race and great to change up the racing a bit!