Race Report: Greg Avierinos – Trail Adventure Canoe Triathlon

Had some hectic racing yesterday at the TrailAdventure Canoe TriAthlons and probably one of my closest finishes in a long time!!

So after the first 9km paddle I was about 7/8min behind the leader, who I didn’t know then but is one of SA’s top sprint paddlers. Coming off the water in 6th and not knowing how far I was behind the leaders I pushed hard on the bike to try and catch but never once got a glimpse of him… Eeek! Coming into transition after the 20km mountain bike I needed a fast transition, jumped into my new inov-8 South Africa TriXtremes which worked really well with the slip-on lacing!! Leaving transition I heard he still had about a 5min lead on me so there was no taking it easy, although my legs weren’t very happy to be running! After the first stretch they loosened up and I could get into a good rhythm, the trails were nice and windy so I could get a good idea of how close I was and used my Suunto to check my splits from him to see if I was gaining on him. My first check was about 2:49 with my last time check, about 1km from the finish, being 36sec! Having to run the last km at 3:30 to close the gap I managed to pass him about 20m from the finish line, with even my triceps going into cramp 😝 All in all a great day out 💪🏼 #nevarestteam #inov8sa #yancycamp #keyhealth#toyotasa #ryderseyewear