Race Report: Dylan van Tonder – The air up there

This was my second race that has taken place in Lesotho and the altitude and the cold still played a major factor in how my running changed. We arrived on Friday and 2 hours later competed in the uphill 1km sprint so not too much time to get used to the climate. The race was extremely difficult because of the altitude but I still made it to the top of the ski slope.

Saturday was the day for the 15km race which only started at 9:30 because of the cold. The beginning of the race was still as difficult as the day before because of the thin air but after the first km, you start to get used to the altitude. The first obstacle was the spear throw which was 8m away and you had to either spike or get the spear through the tire to pass but if not you had to 30 burpees, unfortunately, I didn’t make both spears throws which meant I had to do 60 burpees. The race continued with normal obstacles and hill climbs back through the sprint course obstacles until the freezing cold swim, it was about 20m small dam but at 2 degrees, it was not the easiest thing to keep your breath and to top it all of there was a 2.5km hill carry to the top of the ski slope with bag of wood whilst making your way towards another swim which was in a quarry but we needed to go waist deep as it was too cold to swim in. We had to remember a word and a 6 number riddle for a surprise at the top of a mountain which included a puzzle and you had to repeat the word and number, I sadly got everything correct except for the last digit of the 6 numbers so I had to add 30 burpees to the total and sprint down the main ski slope to the finish.

The last day of racing included the individual sprint and the team sprint race. The individual sprint was first and it was the most difficult 1km sprint I had ever done but I did finish the course after a gruelling 9min. The team sprint started at 11:30 and had 3 legs of the race as it was a relay. The first team member had to do a 3.5km run, the second had to do the same course but a shortened version as you had to do a carry leg up the main ski slope and run back down, I was doing the last and longest leg which included obstacles from the individual sprint race and a team wall obstacle at the end plus a spear throw to finish it off but a total of 30 burpees if not completed. The whole experience was awesome and I would defiantly do it again and recommend it to anyone even though it was the toughest weekend of racing I had ever had. Thanks to everyone that participated and to all my sponsors. The Nevarest Team, Toyota, Inov8, First Accent and KeyHealth.