Race report: Dylan van Tonder – Multiply Adventure Challenge

This was my first Multiply Adventure Challenge that I have done. I was at first a little nervous about the race but as soon as I got into it, I really enjoyed the fast-paced Sprint course.

I myself did the Apprentice race which is 2km run including 15 obstacles. I thought the race would be a short run in the park with a few obstacles in the way but was I wrong. Because the race is so short and that the obstacles were a breeze, the running caught me out. I started feeling my muscles fade at the 10th obstacle weirdly but I was able to finish.

Overall I really enjoyed the race itself and the vibe. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and it will be something that I would do again. I came 1st in my category and hoping to do the same in the next race in the bigger leagues 🙂