Race Report: Carla van Huyssteen – Warrior Namibia

Sand dunes, blesbokke and amazing skyline is what we think of when we describe Nam, and now the first international WARRIOR. OCR and crossfit is really growing in Namibia and the support of the race was great. Many athletes from different crissfit boxes, triathletes runners and just groups of friends came to enjoy and try out the Warrior race.

The whole weekends was such a great experience for me. I got to stay with friends in windhoek I have not seen for a long time, Genevive and David Weber and had the privilege of getting to know their awesome kids, Anna Michele and Kaleb(both who was entered to run the rookie race the Saturday).

Midgard was about an hour, what felt like east of Windhoek (not that my direction is that great), on a long dirt road. Something that did not deter the athletes from coming to support and event they had been waiting and training for.

The Black opps elite event was a 11km run, with a bit of everything, jeep track, awesome rocky single track, a section through a river bed, and about 20 obstacles. (Up and overs, carries, crawls, swings, walls, balancing beams and more).

My race went well. I had a good run and managed to open a bit of a gap, to give me time to do the obstacles with more care and get them right first time around.

As always the wall and heavy tyre was probably my worst along with the chained monkey bars, they always feel super unstable to me, the pipe rolling on the chain always feels like my hand will just pop off.

I got through the course with the win, happy and relieved.

But as soon as I finish, i had to dash to the start of the rookie batch as i had promised to run the rookie with the kids as well. Most fun i have had in a long time!! I ended up running the whole race with Kaleb, a soft spoken gentle spirit, a nature man, a man of God. He showed me rocks and sticks, the birds and a few insects. He handed out a lot of hugs to the marchals and blessed anyone that needed a blessing. We prayed for a wounded “soldier” who fell badly off one of the obstacles, and played through the river bed. A lot of fun was had, we got through all the rookie obstacles and completed the whole route, stick and stone in hand:) well done KK. Anna Michele was also a little star running like a champ and finishing solo way ahead of us!

As we crossed the finish line, Greg quickly informed me that the sprint racing was about to start and our team needs to put a time on the board.

Jikes i had forgotten about this and to the sprint course I went. The route was a bit more spread out, that I liked, unfortunately as with all bushveld areas, devils thorn everywhere, I still have a few broken thorns in my hands.

Our team did well and we managed 2nd in the sprint and I somehow managed to come back from being 4th through the first obstacle to winning the sprint race in the individual female race!!

The weekend was well rounded off with a Namibia braai of note, with a selection of fine meats!

All in all the first Warrior in  Nam was a huge success!