Race Report: Calen Hastie – Warrior #5

There is always so much to look forward to when racing down at the coast. Warrior #5 couldn’t come soon enough. The prospect of us doing some running on the beach made it even more exciting. This was a whole new venue with new challenges. The course kicked off with three km of beach running followed by a series of jeep tracks up the coast into indigenous forests. I felt like I was in a good mental state on the day and didn’t let any pressure get to my head. I had my own race to run. I took it easy on the first 3 km’s of beach preparing myself for any climbing to follow throughout the route. I remained in 3rd position throughout most of the race, although, every now and then I would make gains on the two front runners; Brandon and Ricardo. My obstacle completion was probably at its most efficient, with no mistakes I managed to save energy for my running. On the final leg of the race, I eventually caught up to Ricardo who had the second position and overtook him in the runner up to the final obstacles. With very little time, I got myself into gear and completed iron rig as fast as possible and went on to take the second place for Commando Elite. The highlights for me were definitely the long progressive hill climbs and the beach run. I can definitely see the results of strength training with these particular terrains.

I am very thankful to God for giving me the strength the run and finish strong. Throughout the hill sections, I found myself praying for strength. I am thankful for the strength I received to never give up.

Thank Alec, our team manager for organizing us so well and pushing our physical boundaries. Well done to all the other team members for their respective events.

Finally, a huge thank you to Toyota and Keyhealth for making all this possible for us. Also to our Gear sponsors; Rockets and inov8 for such fantastic gear.