Race Report: Calen Hastie – Warrior #4

Another weekend of racing was underway in the beautiful Kwanyoni Lodge.
Kwanyoni was a first for me, everything from the setup of the course to the terrain itself posed a new challenge with the lack of the familiarity of previous courses.
The weeks leading up to the race were all high notes of good progress; my training was on track with no injuries. So, I felt confident, whether I had raced this course or not. The real big obstacle was the hills, and this course had a considerable amount of hills for us to conquer.

Warrior Ric had as all pumped with a drum roll and we were off on a gradual climb.
The pace was quite hard, but within a few minutes the board was set: Armin up front with me and Rebelo hot on my heels the entire race.
The downhills were no walk in the park either. We nearly took off the ground on most occasions as we descended back lodge-bound.
I lost time on the hanging chains across from Ironrig which opened up a small lead for Rebelo. From there I worked hard to play catch up, which, at times looked promising but just never seemed to catch up.
I finished with an unsettled third place right after Rebelo.
Congrats on your performance, clearly the running is paying off!

All in all, I raced very hard ( thanks to Rebelo for a little pushing from the rear end). A little more hills training would never hurt for Warrior 5.

Well done to the Nevarest team for their performances.
A big thank you to our sponsors for making all the traveling and racing happen.
Another thank you to Alec and Rhona for the excellent organization and food for the weekend at the lodge.