Race Report: Calen Hastie – Beast #15

The Beast #15

It had been a while since I had participated in a beast race. Nonetheless, I was excited to be taking part again and representing my team not only as a solo participant but as a team member for the sprint beast challenge along with Louie and Michelle.

The Solo race itself was tough. I had a good taste of what Jason could do with an obstacle course. This was one of his toughest to be sure. The tyre drag was no exception! I felt the race went well considering my personal goals leading towards SA champs in a few weeks’ time. I was pleasantly surprised to finish in the top ten positions with some gas still left in the tank for the sprint race, which happened to be the focus for us as Nevarest team members on the day.

The Sprint race was much longer than traditional sprints with a substantially longer run leg, which thankfully played in my favour. I also enjoyed the CrossFit thrown in at the end for good measure!

Our team performed incredibly well on the day as we managed to set the fastest time for the course on the day. But yes, obstacle course racing is ever changing. So, happened to be the final. The format was changed slightly to make it more challenging. We went all out but were unable to walk away with the win that day. Well done to OCT South on your excellent racing. A big well done to Louie and Michelle for also giving your best on the day.

I would like to extend thanks to our Sponsors; for the kit and for making sure that we are always performing.