Race Report: Alec Avierinos – Canoe Triathlon (Trail Adventure)

Excellent event! Course marking was perfect, Admin was simple, bar coded wrist bands worked perfectly. I raced as a mixed pair with Ruth we came 1st in our category.

I was really looking forward to this race as it has been quite some time since Ruth and I have raced together.

The 7 am Canoe start in mid-winter was chilly we wore splash jackets which helped, The laps were 1,2km and we did 7 laps so 8.4km in total in just under an hour which considering the lack of Canoe training we have done was not too bad. There was a mixed pair just in front of us coming into transition. We had a speedy transition and left before them on the cycle.

The cycle was straight forward and we put the hammer down as hard as possible, unfortunately I got a chunky piece of grass stuck in my derailleur and it wound around my small gears on my rear cluster so I lost the top   end speed and ended up on all the flats and down hills with a way to high cadence but it worked. Ruth will tell you she warned me I had picked up the grass and should stop to take it out. I should have listened to her, next time! We managed to catch up to Booby Trap ladies at the end of the cycle just as we got to transition. We exited just behind them and had fun chasing them down on the run.

The run was a mix of climbing switchbacks and cross country, fairly technical and a lot of fun we pushed as hard as possible to stay just ahead of the ladies and finished in 8th and 9th overall and 1st in the mixed pairs.

I would highly recommend this race to all Multi Sport and AR athletes. In November we will get the chance to test ourselves properly as we can do a double lapper, In other words. 8km Paddle 20km MTB,5km Trail run followed immediately by another 8km Paddle 20km MTB,5km Trail run. Sound like fun to me, hope you join us.