Race Report: Alec Avierinos – 3222 Trail run

Wow, what a weekend, what a fantastic event, the location, Afriski at 3222m above sea level in the most
spectacular mountains. The weather cold and overcast with some rain ( while we were trying to Braai )
The Altitude, running most of the races at around 3000m most definitely impacted me particularly on
the initial climb of the day, slowing down, watching my heart rate helped me run a sensible race. Staying
in the excellent backpacker’s accommodation with our Battle Rush buddies, with strangers who became
friends. This is why I personally love sports like Trail running, OCR and AR you get to meet awesome
like-minded people and explore the most beautiful places. Well done again to Shane and Trail Adventure.

The route day 1
I measured 1170m elevation gain 23,5km, it was properly technical with challenging terrain, plenty of
following markers cross country, some would say it was too technical and not runnable, I loved it.
Unfortunately, I did not plan on it taking me 4 h 24 min to finish, I ran out of goo at 3 hours and the last
5km to the finish hurt. I ran in my Inov8 TrailRock 285 which were great but I could have done with
some more grip on the wet muddy terrain.

The route day 2
I measured 15.8km with 712m elevation gain. The start was delayed to allow the fog to lift so we could
see the route markers. Again properly technical and challenging terrain, I managed my nutrition way
better and finished strong, I used High 5 gels ( various ) to give me the energy as well as tabs in my water
to manage the electrolytes. I used Inov8 X-talon 230 for additional grip which worked better in the
conditions but I still had a slide or two, nothing serious, provided some laughs for my fellow runners.
I ended up 21 st overall and 3 rd in the 40 -49 category. My Achilles injury is still not fully recovered but it
held up well and I ran as fast as I could. Areas to improve, further weight loss and increase running
mileage/week. This is going to be a challenge.
Proud of the team, Ruan and Tumi 2nd in 40km witJonathanan and Megan winning the 15km and Dylan a
close second. Meanwhile at Wattera Carla won and at GI Joe Louis won so a good showing for the Team.