Team OCR

Race Report: Michelle Meyer – Spartan Race South Africa

It is always exciting when there is a new OCR event held to take part in. Each race has its own “personality” to be remembered by… and the Spartan Race is internationally known to be everything BUT “mellow”. It did

Race Report: Malcolm Dunkeld – Kinetic Full Moon Drakensberg

My friends and family all thought I was a bit crazy by choosing top spend my 33rd Birthday racing a 120km adventure race in the Free State. But as a man with a heart for Adventure, I could think of

Race Report: Michelle Meyer – OCRWC

How will an obstacle race ever be an obstacle race with less than ONE HUNDRED obstacles!? I had the opportunity to take part in the 2018 OCR World Championships, this time held in the UK. The atmosphere, the excitement and

Race Report: Louis Smit – OCRWC

Day one of the OCR World Champs could be summed up as ‘’Damn these European dudes are fast!’’. With the athletes racing 10 at a time I had no clue where I was all I knew that I was passing

Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Warrior #7

It was such an incredible weekend racing, I don’t even really know where to begin. We left Thursday evening at 8:30 after my Physiology Semester test and arrived in Cape Town around 11:00 the next day. Cape Town as always

Race Report: Calen Hastie – Warrior #7

The 2nd last warrior race of the year took place in Meerandal. Coming into this race I felt like my body was not as well prepared in terms of my running fitness but my obstacle cardiovascular fitness was far better.