Team OCR

Race Report: KeyHealth Nevarest ‘Juniors’ – Cyanosis 30hr Adventure Race

Team members Alec Avierinos Antonie Joubert Calen Hastie Ruth Avierinos The A1 Adventure Series South Africa provides an opportunity for new races and race directors to challenge athletes at various race venues across South Africa. KeyHealth Nevarest ‘Juniors’ took on

Race Report: Megan van Tonder – Warrior #6

Although this warrior only took part on one day which was very tiring as we had the sprint races to do not long after the main, long race, the weekend was super fun yet again and the team managed to

Race Report: Carla van Huyssteen – Warrior #6

Wow, so up to a few weeks ago I was very unsure if I would even be able to race at all this year again, I could barely run a few km’s without quite a severe discomfort in my left

Race Report: Dylan van Tonder – Warrior #6

This specific Warrior felt like it was my first as I was off for 5 months from OCR racing because I dislocated my shoulder. It didn’t help that I dislocated it again at the SA Championships in the first 100m

Race Report: Alec Avierinos – Warrior #6

We arrived in good time on Friday afternoon and settled in at Hezekiah lodge, I love the set up there with private rooms and a communal bathroom and dining/kitchen area. This year the venue moved from Kwanyoni lodge to Mbombela

Nevarest delivers big time at Warrior #6

After the pains of an incredibly gruelling A1 Cyanosis adventure race, Nevarest set their sights on the sixth race in the Warrior series. Greg sat out due to his lingering injury, so Louis and Michael took the reigns in the Black